The Who That Is Me


My eyes peer out between the spaces of the non-spaces,

My ears listen to the sounds of silence in chorus,

My breath breathes life into the lifeless carcass of

The Universes, and the tiny bud of the crocus.


My laughter rings in peels of joy at My thoughts,

Racing on to find a new place, where place is not,

My tears sting like eternal fire as I witness,

What man is doing to himself, and for what?


I create with endless abandon, never to destroy,

For in destruction itself is creativity bound,

Only the words are different, nothing is lost,

And creativity is never closed around.


I am in you and you are in Me, together, tethered

By consciousness.  Never apart, within, without,

Only your thoughts keep Me hid from your sight,

Only your thoughts fill your soul-heart with doubt.


Yet you can know Me as a part of your being,

Reach out touch Me I will not break, nor you,

I am ALL THAT IS, creative essence in total,

Only to love Me, Ive always loved you.


ab ab ab


Copyright December 3, 1981

Sheila M. Street

(Received thru automatic writing)