Of Bliss and Fire

Tiny shivers of bliss erupting through the body,
Building smoothly, gradually,
Into rivers of flowing delight,
Surging, pulsing in waves of undulating shock,
And storming upward in a column of heated electric mayhem,
Rushes to explode as light and timelessness
In the ever expanding shell of the head.

Stillness in mounting bliss,
The mind melds into the ethers,
Light beams in tiny circles of soft rainbow colour,
Flowing ever outward,
Propelling the consciousness through.
As the tunnel widens out and the light recedes,
The mind momentarily slides to a halt.

Whirling in body-felt peace,
As one Mind becomes the hub,
Turning ever faster while the Eyes of Mind observes
The flashing points and threads of light
That glide smoothly past in jeweled perfection.
Breathes in the exquisite perfume of life, stillness in total awe,
Unwhisper'd prayer that it will never end.

dc dc dc dc dc dc dc

Composed January 9, 2006

after an exceptionally beautiful meditation experience

Copyright 2006

Sheila M. Street