The Joyous

      September 5, 1989

Session with The Herald, Held at Mississauga, Ontario

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What Clients Are Saying

Thank you, Sheila, for the session and extra time after to talk to me. I enjoyed the evening very much, and the session with The Herald.... 


We had a session with The Herald in early August. We were helped to find insights that shot us forward in our progress on several levels. ......


In my session, The Herald were able to shatter the self-limiting box I had build around me and give me a total new way of seeing my life situation. I could see options that I was not considering. This was very freeing and liberating and very surprising.

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This session is the fifth in a series entitled, “Lessons In Light,” (destined to become another book) and the title of this particular session is “The Joyous.” This session was held in Mississauga, Ontario, at my apartment and is a group session. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who participated. Copyrighted, “All Rights Reserved,” 1989 and 2005-6, by Sheila M. Street and Integrated Dynamics Resources.    



The Herald:  We give you greetings, peace, love.


Our lecture tonight is called “The Joyous,” and, indeed, it is a joyous opportunity each time that we are able to approach you in this manner. And, in addition to that, we also have a very joyful time as you hear all of the creativity that is going on around you. It is part of the actual material of this session to have some of the so-called “noise,” what the channel terms “racket,” from outside, to add to the pleasure of the session, so that you do sense the reality that is around you, but not in an annoyed way, rather, joyfully, knowing that life moves on in its course. And that while the noise level at times gets a little bit unbearable; indeed, if you did not have it, you would probably be very disappointed.


Now, it has oft been said that Earth is a school, and we would add to that, that Earth is a school for learning about joy, for learning about the joyful creativity of all that is around you, and that creative principle which is within you as well. There is joy in the rising of the sun. And when you look at the sun in the morning, feel that joyful warmth that gives and gives some more to you and asks not in return. Therein lies a lesson, what we might indicate as the core lesson of joyfulness. For joyfulness is the ability to give of one’s self without regret, remorse or feeling in any way that, in so giving, that you are in any way diminishing your storehouse of joy. This is how the sun gives. It gives its light. It gives its warmth. And beyond that, it channels forth the energy of the Creator in a concentrated form, on this planet and all other planets within this particular solar system.


Now if you go up into a mountain to watch the sun come up, you are somewhat higher; you are therefore, in a sense, somewhat closer. And you can really sense then, in the quiet, and with the sky being cloudless, the feeling of that energy pouring through every cell of your body. But you need not go to a mountain to do that. You can stand in your garden or on your balcony and, at any time of the day, draw on that energy. Allow it to permeate back and front, and feel the joyfulness of that energy flowing through.


Now, at times people miss joy because they are not paying attention. To what do they need to pay attention to not miss joy? All of the creativity that is around, and indeed, one of the more important aspects of that paying attention is listening to the song of your own heart; listening to the beat; listening to the small, still voice within, knowing, beyond any shadow of doubt, that that small, still voice guides, always, without fail, without cease, always present, and not necessarily just always present, but always present everywhere, present within you, present within your neighbor, and within your enemy also.


Know then that no man can be your enemy, for he expresses the same divine principle that you express, and you are not separate from him or from her. You are all one within the greater body of the Universe, which is the body of the All. The All creates joyfully, spontaneously, and you too, when you learn how to learn how to use the tools at hand, can also create joyfully, spontaneously.


One of the major tools that you have at your beck and call is your mind. You have a link with the All through the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind interacts with that part of you which you call your brain. Using those faculties, and the inner vision accompanying them, there is no reason for you not to have anything that you need and/or desire. Using your innate, joyful creativity, you create each day for yourself a reality. And please understand that, even when you create a reality that appears quite adverse to you, you are still creating in joy. You cannot help but to create in joy, because you are a part of that primal creative energy of the Universe.


So therefore, you create for yourself abundance or poverty. You create for yourself love within yourself and attracted to another, or you distance yourself by that lack of love, yet you do it joyfully, whether you realize it or not. You create health or un-health with equal abandon and joy. You create friendships. You create harmony, peace, or you create enemies, disharmony and war. And, again, you do it equally with joyous abandon.


Now some of you may have a great deal of difficulty with those words that we have just expressed, but if you understand that at the root of all of your livingness experience is that joyful creativity, if you can understand this, and then consciously apply it in your life by giving thanks for each and every occurrence in your life, whether you feel comfortable with it at that time or not; if you give thanks for that lesson, for that manifestation, then you definitely will begin to experience a much richer, more creative, on the positive side, life and livingness.


One of the most important areas of joyousness for any human being is when there is, at a certain point, in experience, contact consciously, knowingly and deliberately with one’s Higher Self, Inner Self or Soul, all three meaning the same. That contact is established through listening. That contact is established through meditation.


Now meditation is not quite the same as prayer. The two do go hand in hand. Prayer is speaking with God, or the All. Meditation is listening for God, and that part of God, which is your Soul, and for the guidance that can be provided. And why is the experience so joyful? Quite simple … because the joy that radiates from you as a personality meets with the joy of your Soul, and the two link, so that the joy is then doubled. And then you know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, of your very definite joyful livingness within the Universe.


Now there is a side of joy that requires some discrimination, because there are some joys in life that are definitely of a higher order than other so called joys. If you become caught up in the superficial joys of movies, raucous music, drinking, carousing … all of these so-called joys are but camouflage for the true joy of livingness. So you need to use discrimination to know where, first of all, your joy does originate, which is from within and from your heart, coming from the Soul and from God. And you need to move then away from those things that are superficial and only of the moment, that have no deeper meaning. This does not mean that you give up listening to the radio or going to dances or going to movies and so forth. Indeed, these can be most enjoyable. But if any of these things do become for you the center of all of your joy and, if in your life you would not have joy without any or all of these, then that joy is not joy, but a superficiality that you have misnamed joy.


You express joy through your thoughts, through your words, through your actions. You express joy by a simple smile, a nod of encouragement, a kind word, a cheerful hello or good morning, and an equally cheerful good evening when you part company from another. You express that joy, and in so expressing it, sharing it, you are not diminished, and your joy is not diminished, not one whit. Rather, when it is shared with another, and that other responds to your joy, then that joy, that joyfulness of livingness is doubled.


One of the greater ways to have more joyfulness and joyousness within your life is through service, of being, in a sense, the hand of God. And a joyful man or woman will go forward, even in the face of danger, perhaps even death. But they will go forward in joy, knowing that what they are doing is fulfilling part of that joyful creativity of the All. Each one of you, here and elsewhere, are all, in a sense, hands of God. Each one of you has within you, by birth, by Divine Birthright, that joyful creativity and an inner knowledge of the part of the plan for the Universe that you are enacting and cultivating and lifting up and bringing forward. Each one of you has this. You need but look within to know that it is there


Now at times, a man or woman may feel that there is absolutely, beyond any recollection, no joy in the life. The joyousness of living has died out like so many embers on a hearth. But these embers can be fanned, and the way that you fan them is to take yourself in hand, perhaps go and look in the mirror and plaster a big, silly grin on your face, and stand there until you laugh at yourself. Now you may not do this for very long; it may take perhaps a little bit longer. But definitely, you can control the cycles of joy that run in your life, just by doing something as simple and, perhaps sounding as silly, as standing in front of the mirror with a big, silly grin. You cannot stay sad. You cannot stay remorseful when you do something like that. It is allowing that child part of you to break through the surface and, in breaking through the surface, dusting away all of the old cobwebs of doubt, fear, hate, anger … all of those negative things that stand in the way of your expressing of that joyousness from within.


It is something that you cultivate in the life. It is perhaps for some, not something that will not come overnight. But it can, with persistence, definitely become a very potent force in your life, potent beyond belief.


What does it take? It takes a trusting. It takes having faith, a certain non-doubtful knowingness that you are good, and, regardless of what the appearances are, the world is also good. You see, when you are in the Earth physical life, physically manifested in a body, you see as through a glass darkly. You do not see the true vision of the prophet. You do not see beyond the glamour of the astral plane that penetrates down into the physical plane. You see the façade. You can, of course, see what underlies that façade. You can sweep it away. Unfortunately, most people have been taught that they have no power in their life or over what happens within the life. They have been told that they are at the mercy of a wrathful, powerful, sometimes selfish, and definitely self-centered God, and this is so wrong. God is indeed centered within the Self, within the Self of each of you. It is totally, though, a selfless act of creation. It is totally a joyous spontaneity that brings you into this world, that gives you that spark of life, when egg and sperm meet, creating one cell, and life begins.


It is a joyful spontaneity that exists throughout the Universe, not just on this planet. Indeed this planet is very important too, in the overall picture of creativity. And, in certain terms, it is a hotbed of joyful creativity within the Universe. Little wonder that you have so many visitors from other areas of the Universe. And you all do it so well, whether you know it or not. And why do you? Because you test and you try, and you test and try some more, and with each error, you make new decisions and you learn. And with each victory, you gain strength to go on to yet another and higher victory. Now, some people might say that that is a little bit difficult to swallow, perhaps in the face of a dire happening in the life, of facing the loss of a loved one, or perhaps even facing the leaving of the Earth physical plane oneself. Sometimes it is difficult to see the underlying theme of the life at that particular time. But be assured that it is part of joyfulness as well.


Be assured that there is continuity of life, whether there is physical to manifest through or not. You are still a living Essence, in or out of physical form. You can verify this for yourself from your more lucid dreams, perhaps your conscious traveling from the body at night, what is termed astral or Soul travel, and that is a joyfulness of knowing that you can, if you so choose, return to the physical. But sometimes there is need of a decision to be made, of whether that physical will be adequate for continued work in spirit. For definitely, whether you are not or you are physically incarnated, you are still working, striving forward, to learn and to assimilate all of the lessons of livingness. And that is a victory after a challenge. It is a point of tension where decision need be made, not always immediately. Yet, at one point there is a decision and a move forward in joyfulness.


Now, sometimes things happen within the life that, if you will pardon the pun, look like the devil. They are so incongruous and so difficult to understand that you literally throw your hands up in the air in disgust, perhaps even despair. Do you know what cures it? Do you know what can cure that incongruity? In a word, “mirth,” looking at the funny side of whatever is happening. You may have to look a little deeper in some instances. But generally speaking, if you have cultivated a correct attitude of humor in your life, you will be able to see where things that do look like the devil are blessings. And you can laugh. And in laughing, you energize your physical form. You energize it by the air that you breathe in with the laugh; you energize it with the chemicals that are released from the adrenals, from the pituitary, all of  these interplaying when you laugh. Now you do, in a sense, release energy when you smile, and if you release that energy to another, by granting them the blessing of your smile, then definitely, you are both much better off than if you were to frown constantly. Now, sometimes people will try to rob you of your joy. They will feed you one negative on another negative on top of a third negative. They are building their own prisons. You need not be locked up with them. All you need to do is step aside and, in stepping aside, move within, to that strength that you can so easily, if you’d so choose, draw from your Soul.


And again, then, we speak of meditation, but we speak of it in perhaps a slightly different light than previously in this lecture, for we speak of it as clearing and quieting the mind. And if you have that aura around you, the negative comments, the negative thoughts, the negative actions of those around you cannot touch you, for you are centered far above where they are centered at that time. You are centered within the bosom of your Soul in meditation, and your Soul is continually centered within the bosom of the All. Now the Nazarene indicated at one point that who would seek the kingdom of Heaven, first you would become as little children.


Now think back to when you were a child. Think back to a time when you made mud pies, or you rode your bicycle, or you flew a kite, or you ran a race, or you had a new toy that was unique on the block. Think of the joy that you had at that time. Just pause here a moment and think how does that joy feel? How did it feel then? And looking back at it now, can you recapture even a small amount of that joy? We do hope that you can. We do hope that you will at some point across the next day or two, actually sit down with yourself, quietly, and move back to some experience in your younger years, before you would be into your teens, and think of an experience that brought you bursting full of joy. And let that experience rekindle joy within you. That joy is so healing. That joy is so transmuting that even a body that is ill, that is not functioning properly, if you can recapture enough of that joy, will actually spark new cells into life within the physical form, will regenerate tissue that has degenerated, will lift your spirits and, in so doing, lift your cheeks into a smile. And the more you smile, the more you are joyful, the more energy that you draw into your life. We cannot stress that too much in this session. It is so important for many of you here to rekindle, to recapture that joy of livingness.


At some point in your incarnations, for most of you, somewhat down the road, you will make a decision as to whether or not you will incarnate again upon the planet. But when you make that decision, you will make it in full knowledge of all of the lives that you have lived upon the planet, and of all of the joy that you have experienced in your livingness here. Not only that, but, as you move forward along the path, and when incarnation is perhaps for you no longer necessary, you will carry with you every little ounce, every little bit of joy that you here, on this physical planet, in whatever physical incarnations have created for yourself. It is a gift that you give to yourself. It is a gift you can deny yourself for awhile, if you so choose. True wisdom, though, shows that joy is gentle within the heart, that is stands firm; it penetrates through to the deepest part of your livingness. It penetrates to every cell, every muscle, every tissue, every bone, every organ of your physical body. Therefore, be joyous in whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever you think. Be joyous in all of your feelings. Find the joy within each thing that happens within your life.


At some point in your incarnations, for most of you, somewhat down the road, you will make a decision as to whether or not you will incarnate again upon the planet. But when you make that decision, you will make it in full knowledge of all of the lives that you have lived upon the planet, and of all of the joy that you have experienced in your livingness here. Not only that, but, as you move forward along the path, and when incarnation is perhaps for you no longer necessary, you will carry with you every little ounce, every little bit of joy that you here, on this physical planet, in whatever physical incarnations have created for yourself. It is a gift that you give to yourself. It is a gift you can deny yourself for awhile, if you so choose. True wisdom, though, shows that joy is gentle within the heart, that is stands firm; it penetrates through to the deepest part of your livingness. It penetrates to every cell, every muscle, every tissue, every bone, every organ of your physical body. Therefore, be joyous in whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever you think. Be joyous in all of your feelings. Find the joy within each thing that happens within your life.

Find the joy and live it to the fullest.  You are created for joy.  You are The Joyous.

And with that, we would now here open for questions.  If you so choose, you may pause the tape for a moment to collect your thoughts.

Question:  A question would be could you explain, with analogies showing how we push things away from us, that we are asking for and wanting and needing, and recognizing we’re pushing it away, when we’re saying “This is what we want”.

The Herald:  As we would indicate, a very simple analogy:  Many people desire wealth, and they are no different from other people who are wealthy, except in one very major respect, and that is their attitude toward money.  Now the attitude may be an inherited attitude, or it may be something they have adopted as a concept from another individual that has been close to them.  The joy of having wealth, for them, is held at arms length, shall we say.  When they subconsciously, under their breathe, if you will, indicate to themselves that “money is the root of all evil”, or perhaps they look at someone who has wealth in their life, and they say “well don’t they think that they are something else?”, with sort of the nose stuck in the air attitude, it is in a sense a jealousy, but it goes perhaps just a little bit deeper than that, as well.  The latter case would definitely be a jealous attitude, but you see jealousy is a negative emotion – it is a negative sending out of energy, and if you send out that negative energy, doesn’t matter how hard you pray, does not matter how much you need, you will push that wealth away from you.  We do believe that this is a fairly clear analogy for what you asked.

Question:  In recognizing this emotion of jealous, standing back, and turning it around, would this help dissipate that and change it?

The Herald:  Indeed, but most people do not pay attention to the words that they speak to themselves in their thought language or to the words that they speak to others – consciously or unconsciously.  There needs be in the development of joyousness a very stern, almost, attentiveness to those things that cut off (what is asked for).

Question:  This was one of the points you made earlier, in terms of thank the Self to the lesson that was brought, or whatever it is, be it adversity or anything, thank the Self, and looking in the mirror until one starts to laugh breaks that feeling low kind of stuff, when one is depressed or whatever….

The Herald:  Indeed that is all part of it as well.  But it does take discipline you see, and most people are not willing to discipline themselves.  They are depending upon another to discipline them, or they wait until the situation gets so adverse that it takes a great deal of energy to drive themselves up from the bottom of the mire-pit  (Q: and the length of time). Indeed, because you have the concept of time, it will take, as you call it, time.  In spirit it is not quite the same, for each thing is viewed as happening “now”, and the more that you attempt to live in the moment, and not live for what happened yesterday, or not live for might happen tomorrow, but the more that you live in the spontaneous moment of right now, the more joy you will have in your life.

Live each moment as if it would be, perhaps, your last.  Breathe in the air.  Drink in the sunshine, and the beauty that is around you.  Build all of that through your vision into the cells of your body, and you will not be able, for very long, to hold a depressed attitude about anything in your life.  Anything at all.

Question:  What about what one is seeing about another?

The Herald:  Need not look at what another is, except perhaps as a lesson that can be learned by assimilating the lesson without necessarily going through it.  But if you look at that person with a critical eye, then you rob yourself of the joy of the learning from their experience.

Question:  (Paraphrased) So if I catch myself criticizing another, then this is the time to turn it around?

The Herald:  Indeed – walk up to the individual, if you so dare, and indicate “I was about to criticize you in my mind, but perhaps you can explain to me why you are doing such-and-such a thing they way you do it – perhaps then I can see the benefit of it.”  Perhaps you will see the un-benefit, but at least you will have learned, and therefore, you have something to be joyful and grateful about.  (Q: Whatever the response from the other person?).  Indeed.

Question: (Paraphrased) So everything goes back to the Will Power?

The Herald:  Indeed – that is the originating force.  You have within you that originating force, and it therefore within each of you, within your capability to draw on that, and how you draw on that is to become closer in consciousness to your own Soul.  The personality is an instrument through which the Soul manifests, but at times the personality leads the Soul on a merry chase, and the Soul, at times, will sit back and say “Fine, fall in the mud, get dirty – eventually you will decide that playing in the mud is not what you want”, and then personality, like the Prodigal Son, comes back to the Soul.  Comes back in humbleness perhaps, yet the Soul, being part of God, opens the arms wide, metaphorically speaking, and welcomes you back, turns you around, dusts you off and says “Oh well, it hurt a little bit, but you’ve learned – now be joyful.”  That is all part of using the Will.

Question:  (Paraphrased) How does going back to childhood and using the imagination or fantasies of things we would like to be doing, or places we would like to be, help?

The Herald:  Perhaps you may not like at this time in your life to be making mud pies, but if you can sense the emotion, the impetus, the potency of the joy that you had when you did some such silly thing, and incorporate it as the feeling within your life now, it is a transference, through the imagination, of that joy.  The imagination is such a useful tool, yet many individuals fail miserably to use it in a constructive manner. (Q: ‘cause they’re stuck with other problems that they’re worrying about?) Indeed.  But again, they are not living in the moment – they are living for yesterday or a proverbial tomorrow.

Question:  But if we use the anticipation of joy from something, would that not be the same thing – reflecting upon the past, in the present?

The Herald:  It is reflecting in a different way, though.  What we have indicated anent to the ‘livingness in the now’, is not to go back in your mind and to fret over things that have passed, and that you cannot re-do.  And at the same point in time, you can carry forward the growth of the emotion of that joy flowing through you, like so much fire flowing through your veins.

Question:  I am somewhat puzzled as to how one may – I see it being negative concentrating on the past and living in the past – but as one lives in the present, it must surely be with a view toward the future.  I get the impression that one is being told not to put attention on the future as well.  Could you clarify that please?

The Herald:  Indeed, we would.  It is important for you to put goals ahead of you, in a sense many goals that are more or less directions that will take you to an ultimate goal, because if you do not set that kind of a course, then you wander willy-nilly around.  It would be as if you had a boat and you launched it from shore of France, and you wanted to get perhaps to Alaska, if you did not have a map, and you just bumped around all the continents, you could be quite a while arriving there.  But if you have a map, and you’ve planned out a course, then indeed you can follow it, in joy.  What we are indicating here, though, is to not worry about tomorrow, because if you continue that sort of thing, of worrying about a proverbial happening, putting fear, putting negative energy into it, then you remove it from yourself; you throw up roadblocks in your way; you create many time consuming detours that you must take.  It is more so the worry and fear that keep people from succeeding in their concentration upon that aspect of the future.  Indeed, look forward to a future!  We are not saying “Do not”.  What we are saying is how do you do it!  If your focus is positive;  if you have directions and goals to a degree laid out for you by your Soul in conjunction with your own self-consciousness, then indeed you can move forward joyfully.  (Comment:  I see, thank you.)  Most welcome.  Be there other questions?

Question:  Going back to wealth again – so it is the major chapter which we have here for fulfilling our lifetime is to control the mind, or be the master of the mind; that all thoughts are positive, or possibly positive and joyful, and that if we have accomplished that, of course we have control of the mind, and therefore we be (muffled, not intelligible)…

The Herald:  Indeed, to a very large degree, you are correct.

Question:  And where does karma come into effect, where we have to still experience something in this lifetime (again, the rest was not intelligible)….

The Herald:  You enter into incarnation, at the Soul level, in full consciousness of your so-called karma.  Our understanding of karma is perhaps a little bit different than yours.  To us, karma is something that is to be worked upon, and if you work upon that something joyfully, then the burden of it disappears.  Therefore, it is no longer a negative experience;  therefore, in the eyes of most individuals it is no longer karma – it is livingness.

Comment:  But again then, that takes a great part of mastering…

The Herald:  It is a mastery, though, that begins with a small effort, and as you have one success to pile upon another success, and so forth, then that effort can be doubled, without feeling the stress or the strain of it.  It is all part of the tempering and testing of the mettle of which you are made.

Comment:  So then if you have control of your mind, and you can live by the minute or by the moment, …..  all the positive aspects of it, there are no negative affects that have time to enter, then you’ve got it made….

The Herald:  Indeed you should have it “made”, as you would say.  Now, this does not eliminate the fact, though, that you may, at the Soul level, have certain plans, that you, as the Personality, may not be quite aware of.  But the more so that you are in tune with your own Soul, and the more so that you have placed Personality under the total direction and guidance of the Soul, then the more so do you experience that mastery that is yours by birth, as a Child of God, from within your Soul.  For that mastery is there.  The Soul is a high Initiate on its own plane long before you become even so much as a lowly Aspirant on the Earth physical plane, working toward the Initiations.  Therefore, if you place yourself under that guidance, as the Aspirant, as the Disciple, then you grow into what your Soul is, which is Master on it’s own plane, the Mental plane, and that mastery, that mental mastery is then the mastery of the Will and the Power, and it is mastered, then, in Love and lovingness and joyfulness. (Thank you)  Most welcome – we do thank you for the question.   Be there other questions?

Question:  (Paraphrased) Going back to the Will Power again… It seems like a vicious circle, though – if you haven’t mastered this access to the Soul, then you go in circles…  how do you break that circle to get access to the Soul…

The Herald:  You make it sound so hard – it isn’t.  It is not a great deal of effort – it is a tiny effort.  It is a sitting down in peace, in solitude, quiet, quieting the mind, quieting the thoughts, and then simply a lifting of love from yourself to the Soul-Self.  It is partly mental, yes;  it is partly, in a very great part, emotional.  It is perhaps even just a little bit physical, in that you can, at the point where you feel the most potent amount of love-energy flowing in and through you, then take a deep breath, and as you exhale it, lift, in your mind, in your thoughts, that emotion of love – almost as a sacrifice would be lifted, to the Soul.  But it is not difficult.  Do not make it seem so, because it is not so.

Each one of you here, in this room, with a very minimal amount of training in meditation, in being able to concentrate and focus upon something for perhaps five, at the longest, ten minutes, are all capable of making that very small effort of lifting your heart up to the Soul – it is just as simple as that.  Yet so many of you hesitate because there is fear.  And that fear, we can almost here name it for each one of you – we will give it somewhat of a blanket, though – is “But if the Soul is in charge, maybe the Soul will do something that I don’t want to do!”.  Please understand that this will not happen.  We have of approximate five minutes of trance time left.

Comment:  I would just like to comment that I have found today’s subject and questions and comments most satisfying and of considerable use.  Thank you. ….Could you just summarize then?

The Herald:  Indeed.  A very simple summary – be joyous!  Be joyous for the livingness that you have at all times, in all places, in all circumstances.  Be thankful for all of the people that move through your life – whether it is the stranger that meets your eye on the subway, or the person that sits across from you at the dinner table, or the fellow that delivers your mail, or polishes your shoes or rings through your groceries.  Be joyful – let those people know that you are joyful because they are in your life, even for a fleeting moment.  If you would experience the joy of your Soul, then let that part of you, of your Soul that is that joy shine through to others, and lighten their burden of livingness.  Perhaps to spark the joy within them, and then see how brightly your own joy will shine.  And with that, we would now close.

We do thank you very much for this opportunity of approach.  It has been a most joyous experience for us.  We give blessings, peace and love – most of all love.  And we now release this channel.