Resolutions Actualized 

January, 1984

Session with The Herald, Held at Mississauga, Ontario

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What Clients Are Saying

Thank you, Sheila, for the session and extra time after to talk to me. I enjoyed the evening very much, and the session with The Herald.... 


We had a session with The Herald in early August. We were helped to find insights that shot us forward in our progress on several levels. ......


In my session, The Herald were able to shatter the self-limiting box I had build around me and give me a total new way of seeing my life situation. I could see options that I was not considering. This was very freeing and liberating and very surprising.

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(These notes were provided in an earlier session with The Herald, and were then distributed to the group to set the tone for the session, this being the fourth one being held at the earlier dates {October 1983 through June 1984}.  This is Chapter 4 of The Seeker Sessions – Patterns in Life.  It should be noted that the speaker for this session was not the speaker for the one to follow; therefore, you will note a slight difference in how things are phrased, for instance. Several different ‘speakers’ are available, and occasionally two or more will share in the same session. Other than voice, tonal and phrasing changes, the material retains consistency and consensus, and the “group voice and purpose” remains constant.)

Now that many of us have made our New Years Resolutions for the year, and perhaps tucked them away where we can peak at them from time to time, we can sit back complacently to watch the seed-thoughts we have planted grow into beautiful trees of accomplishments.  Or is it just that simple? We are all familiar with the instances where we have made one or a dozen New Years Resolutions, and before the first week of January has passed, we have repeatedly found a thousand and one ways to set them aside, perhaps to be re-resolved upon next New Years Day.  Some persons even go so far as to NOT make resolutions – their past performance has proven to them that “it’s just a waste of time.

After the Resolutions have been properly touted, and more often than not, promptly relegated to the back of a dresser drawer, we may find ourselves in the situation of giving ourselves a “guilt-trip”.  This guilting may not come immediately – it may even take a month or so to catch up to us – even so, eventually some regrets are expressed, and guilting meted out.  Or, if we are not prone to be self-guilters, we may find other means to sabotage our original good intentions, simply because we carry complexes such as “I’m not worthy,” “I’m not capable,” or “I just don’t have the time,” to name but a few rationalizations we may present to ourselves and perhaps to others. 

When we plant a seed in the ground, we do expect it to produce fruit of one sort or another. But do we just leave it up to Mother Nature to do the rest?  No – we water it, give it fertilizer, keep it free of weeds and pesky insects, and as it peaks up through the earth, we cultivate it, and perhaps even talk to it in loving tones.  Yet, how many ideas (and basically that’s the underlying motivation for a resolution) do we let die on the vine?  Do we, in truth, really give those resolutions a chance to bear fruit for us? 

If we would just take the time, perhaps only a few minutes per day, to remind ourselves of our resolutions and put some positive thought toward ways in which we can accomplish them, before long we will have established a good strong root structure in our subconscious mind by which those ideas can be supported, and from which they can draw strength. 

Moreover, if we pull out the weeds of negative ideas associated to the resolutions, such as “I’m not capable,” and detoxify the nurturing soil around those ideas by shooing away the pesky insects, analogous to the people who glorify in poisoning our minds with their own negativity, pretty soon we would be able to see the bud of our resolution taking form, exteriorizing itself into fuller manifestation in our consciousnesses.  Then we can cultivate the idea, taking the further steps to stabilize its growth. This cultivation would necessarily depend upon the resolution idea planted – just as a farmer knows that you cultivate different drops in different ways.  Cultivation of the idea means that you actively begin interaction with the substance of it on a conscious level – in short – do something each day to give the idea love and to produce a finished product that is visible to you, and more than visible, is consciously satisfying. 

May we suggest then, that you pull out those resolutions from wherever you’ve tucked them, dust them off if need be, and do something constructive with them. When you have honestly, sincerely, and actively followed through the suggestions we have provided here, you will have gained more than just an actualized resolution – you will find that you have gained a deeper measure of self-respect and self- accomplishment:  and those are the building blocks on which to build a successful year and further successful years in your life. 

Richard Bach, the author of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” has stated, “You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.” When you made your resolutions, you therefore gave conscious recognition to yourself that you have that power within you to actualize it:  a very positive step indeed.  You are worthy of that power.  You are capable of cultivating that idea to fruition. There is no other better time than NOW to begin actualizing your dreams, wishes, hopes, and your New Years Resolutions.



The Herald:  Indeed, we resolve to do a fine job here of this session for you. 

We give greetings to all here who participate.  We have taken the liberty of locating each of you in order to interact with your consciousnesses and your subconsciousnesses. 

In undertaking to investigate the subject of Resolutions Actualized, it might be well to begin with the actual words – what do they mean? When something is actualized, it is brought into form, it is made to appear real, or it is made to become real.  The essence of the word, going beyond that though, is that in order for something to become real, or something to be made to appear real, that it would need to be acted upon; therefore, there is action taken. How would this be acted upon? It, of course, depends upon that thing that was to become actualized.  The nature of the forces that are acting upon it are those forces that surround it, as well as those forces that are an integral part of it.  We shall return in a small while to those words, those statements. 

The word ‘resolution’ we do find here to have several similar meanings. To resolve to do something is to put conscious effort behind thought;  conscious effort of will behind thought, and therefore, it is a must do, in one sense of the words.  To resolve as a group is to solve a problem, and basically when individuals approach the instances of making New Years Resolutions, their prime concern is to solve one problem or another that appears to be an aggravation in their lives. Some individuals, indeed, do set goals as New Years Resolutions, and, for this, they are to be congratulated.  However, if the goal is basically to finish off a certain situation, such as to quit smoking, or to promise yourself to drink less at the next New Years Eve party, then you are looking primarily to a problem solving situation. 

One particular meaning of the word ‘resolution’, however, that has been somewhat relegated to the background, and a meaning that has been used in times past, in that which you term medieval periods, the meaning for the word in prime, is to change, or the changing of unnatural conditions.  It is upon this aspect of resolutions that we will focus for a time. 

We will take, for instances, an individual who has made for themselves a New Years Resolution, and to give somewhat of a topical interest to this, we would ask the entity Peter to provide us with an example of a New Years Resolution, you may or may not have made for this particular year. In brief form please. 

Peter:  To write a play. 

The Herald:  Now, in looking at this particular situation of writing a play, would you consider that the situation itself would be a problematic situation?  Peter – No.... T.H. Therefore it can be clearly defined within your consciousness as a goal-setting mechanism, with regard to a New Years Resolution?  Peter – YES....  T.H. Indeed so. Now, we shall suggest to you, not to give you problematic situations in actuality, however, hypothetically, we shall present here problems in the establishment of firm control within that particular goal. 

In certain respects, we, as physical entities would come across situations where individuals may, at times, have certain feelings to a negative value with regard to goals that have been set.  For instance, if you are to discuss your goal of writing a play with an individual who has in times past experienced the writing of a play, it is quite possible from that entity, if their efforts had not been successful, that they may give to you “Oh – don’t do that.  It will be a most difficult task.  You will have this problem, of presenting it, perhaps, to a publisher, or you will have that problem in getting it promoted, or you will have a difficult time finding appropriate actors, or your material is stale dated – it is not appropriate to the times present,” and indeed an individual who may have in the past been discouraged by their own efforts or lack of same could very well attempt to prick your bubble of joy, to burst that balloon of desire, and to dampen that fire within you that says “I am going to write a play this year!” 

Our advice is such as circumstances would be, first of all, to go back to your goal, re-visualize it in its entirety, give it love, and do not allow the failings of other entities to take your goal from you.  Now, this can be applied to other goals that have been put forward as New Years Resolutions. These dreams that you hold within your mind, and within your heart, are as gold bars, precious unto you. Protect them.  Hold them to you. Give them love. 

Now, indeed you can share them, if you so choose, with others, and our suggestion with respect to that is to choose carefully with whom you share your goals, your dreams, your resolutions.  If you are quite aware that entity has had a difficult situation with a similar goal, a similar resolution, you may indeed wish to consult with that entity, however, in doing so, you must consider that their particular position may be somewhat coloured by the disposition or lack of disposition of their goal.  Indeed, if you so choose to discuss your goal with any entity, attempt in all respects to speak of it in a positive sense.  This is not to say that you disregard the advice that they give, or that there may be difficulties.  If these are brought to light of mind, then, of a certainty, if there is a problem, there also is an acquainted solution.  Additionally, that is a part of your goal, to find solutions to each problematic situation that may arise, pertaining to that ultimate goal. 

Now – why do you think Peter, that you have chosen this particular goal, made this particular resolution in this point in your life?  In a few words, please. 

Peter:  Um, well, I think one reason is to help me working out some thing’s that I have been working on for many years.  A tangible goal, which, in order to achieve it, I would first have to finish doing a lot of work that I have been doing for several years, and finish that off.  That’s one reason, and a second reason to adopt would be to share with the rest of humanity the things which I have learned over the past few years.  

The Herald:  We thank you. With regard to the learning experience, therefore, that you have had over the last few years, it is only natural that you would wish others to learn from your experiences. However, looking within at those learning experiences themselves, is it possible, and you needn’t answer this aloud, is it possible though, that those situations in which you have found yourself pertaining to your goal, would be lessons that are required through each period of your life.  In fact, we would ask each entity here to think back to a particular goal which was ultimately accomplished, and thinking back to that goal, consider all the various lessons that were learned betwixt the time you resolved to accomplish it, and the time when it was indeed, fact. It had been accomplished. In this, therefore, you find a very basic reason for resolving, for setting resolutions or setting goals in your life, and night we add here, that of those goals that you will choose in your life, from now until the time that you cast clay, that each of those goals will have within it, all of the various lessons that are required of you to be learned in this particular physical existence. 

Now, we will go to John – have you made a resolution for something or other this year? 

John:  Frankly, I have not. 

The Herald:  We here are in a situation where we do not at any particular time pass judgment upon any particular entity for their choices in life, however, here to be able to discuss this specific situation, might we ask why you chose not to set any particular goals or resolutions?

John:  It was not a conscious choice, in fact, it was not a choice to consider any resolution whatsoever. 

The Herald:  In other words, the thought did not occur, if we are reading you correctly? 

John:  That would be fair, yes. 

The Herald:  Why indeed do you feel that the thought did not occur? 

John:  Frankly, I have no idea why it did not occur. 

The Herald:  Very well, we shall help you with this then. 

Now – it must be understood that this may not be your particular case, for all situations are different.  However, looking across the medium of mankind, it has occurred time and time again, that certain entities will reach a point in life, where they would appear to be traversing a plateau, a flat lands that has neither valleys or hills;  that indeed, at times the ‘zip-bang’ of life has ‘fizzled’.  At such points in time, it is extremely difficult to push forth either consciously, or subconsciously to reach forward, to set a goal, and might we suggest here something that would be of value to any entity who appears to be in the flat-lands of life, whether they are fifteen or fifty, or one hundred. That at times it is necessary not to wait until the spirit motivates you – at times it need be that you take action yourself – that you motivate the spirit. 

Now – we can give you the example of a salesperson who goes on his morning calls, and he drives around the block once, and he drives around the block twice, and perhaps he stops to pick up a paper, and there is a coffee shop down the road.  So he stops for coffee for five minutes, and chats, and a half hour passes, and an hour passes. Finally, he gets back into his car, and he still has that first call to make – that first door to knock upon it. In a way, he has set a goal for himself, or made a resolution that of that particular day, he would make, perhaps, three sales.  However, what are the chances of that sale being made at two o’clock in the afternoon, if the first appointment is made, or the first door not knocked upon until eleven thirty, and by that time it’s time for lunch.

Now – if the entity waits for the spirit to motivate him, and yet he has given no amenable hints to subconscious to transmit to spirit, that he actually wants to get a particular sale, then the spirit somewhat will sit back and wait.  Therefore, might we suggest, might we restate here, that in order to get out of the doldrums, in order to put wind in your sails, you may have to, at first, blow upon them yourself, and motivate the air currents around to move around you.  This, in fact can be carried a step further, in that of motivating people, of assisting others that perhaps may be under you to get moving, to get out and do something.  First of all, to motivate yourself to get out and do something, and then, also to suggest to them, that if they put their hand to the oar, it will move;  if it is idle, it will float, and the boat will float also.  However, it may drift down the stream of life, and because it is not steered, because steerage has been abdicated, very easily runs aground.  In the framework of human life, this can be akin to the contracting of a disabling disease, and if enough complacency by personality is given, that the fire is not there, then the flame goes out – it is not fanned, therefore it does, and eventually, you cast clay. 

Indeed, an entity in life who looks forward to retirement, to those golden days for which he has worked all his life, may find, in the process, that because he no longer puts wind in his sails, because he no longer fires the spirit, that his light does indeed go out quite a bit earlier than should have happened.  Therefore, the suggestion, the most ardent suggestion, to those individuals approaching and planning for retirement, that indeed they keep in front of them, at all times, the goal that goes beyond that of retirement – a goal of what they will do.  Not what they will not do, such as “I will sit by the pool and drink Pepsi for the entirety of my life.”  The things that they will do – the places that they will go, the people that they will see and help and interact with, and feel for – these are those things that fire the spirit. 

Now, in somewhat returning to the topic, Resolutions Actualized, and in looking at the definitions that have been given, that definition particular where resolution would mean the changing of an unnatural condition, and where actualized would mean a finished product that has been created because someone or something acted, would be the focus here.  In your lives, as you enter into physical habiliment, you are presented with choices, consciously and subconsciously, as you progress through life.  As a child, many of your choices were made for you.  Some of those choices were beneficial to you – other of those choices may not have been quite so beneficial.  In those choices being made for you, there were certain lessons being learned by you, even though the choices would be made for you, for if the choice indeed pulled against or pushed against your own free-will, even at the tender age of two, there would be lessons there involved.  Lessons to fire the metal of your spirit. Lessons to give you directions for further choices and further lessons in life.  However, each entity coming into the world is in relatively the same condition upon entering this physical space, in that the entering of the world would be in an unclothed condition. 

Now, we would not expect to see a baby arrive from the womb dressed in tails and top hat.  Indeed, it would be a most ridiculous situation.  The point here that we are attempting to make is that each entity enters in the natural state, and as the choices, goals, directions are set, as these are achieved, or perhaps not achieved, the growing experience is still a natural process.  At times, though, it would have the appearances, and we repeat, it would have appearances of being contrary to being that of a natural estate.  So, what do you do?  If you have planned a trip across the continent, and arriving at perhaps Winnipeg, you find that the route that you had chosen was closed, there was a sign that said “Detour”, do you stop and go back home to Montreal?  Indeed not. You find a way around the detour and you continue on your journey to the other side, to Vancouver.  Much so in your life situation, will arise detours, and in the arising of these detours, in the need to perhaps take a slightly different trajectory, than originally planned, you will have many lessons – many, many lessons learned. 

Indeed you may now turn the tape. (Editor’s note:  This has been left in to demonstrate that The Herald are quite aware of the situations surrounding Them as They give lectures.  In this case, Fred had been looking to see how much time was left on the first side of the cassette – only a small amount remained, and thus the suggestion to turn it.  It should also be remembered that ‘Sheila’ was lying unconscious on a cot at the time.) 

Now – concerning the unnatural conditions that are changed when an entity resolves actively or makes actual resolution.  The unnaturalness therefore is the appearances that are shown, for inherently, the natural estate of man, as he walks upon this planet, is to be able to achieve his heart’s desire – that which causes an unnaturalness to his estate, and therefore those goals that he would reach for, those resolutions that he makes, give a twist that is off trajectory – needs be straightened, needs be uncurved. 

In understanding this, in seeing that those things that you do feel in life can be yours, there is also a responsibility to understand that each of your goals, as you set them, affect each other entity with whom you are acquainted, and at times perhaps, thousands of others with whom you are not acquainted.  It is in the setting of these goals, therefore, that the root of the problematic situation arises; that if the understanding, first of all, of where you are going is not there, and of why you are going is not there, then perhaps it is better to wait before the goal is set, because not knowing where, not knowing why, at times it is difficult to find the how, but more importantly, in not seeing these things, you do not also see those other entities that are affected by your decisions.  This is ofttimes where the setting of goals goes awry.  Does your goal, perhaps, conflict with that of your business partner?  Are you both traveling the same path, and heading in the same direction, or have you each a hold on the cash register, and heading in totally different directions?  And for totally different reasons?  Think on this, for this is important in many different relationships in a life. 

It is important in that relationship of marriage, for in a certain sense that situation is a partnership, and at times can be a business partnership as well, in that both entities would work, put food on the table, pay rent, pay the hydro bill, the gas bill, etc.  Therefore, in setting particular goals, it is important to consider that if you are to live in a natural condition, which is a harmonious condition, those goals of other entities with whom you are close, especially should be taken into consideration. 

Now, this is where communication comes into play, for if two entities having similar goals at first, and then somewhat dissimilar goals at a later point, are in partnership of one form or another, if the communication dies between those entities, then a total re-assessment of goals will be necessary.  In having that total re-assessment, totally new trajectories, new goals, may come into view – and this also is a portion of the learning experience.  The learning of how to take a detour, and how to untwist that unnaturalness, or that kink in the road.  Therefore, indeed do set goals in your life.  Indeed to make resolutions.  See your goals as clearly as possible – visualize them – give love to that visualization.  The purpose for giving the love to it is two-fold. 

First of all, because that energy of love is of the purest, and therefore the strongest, and projects that goal that much quicker for you.  And secondly, in the giving love to a particular goal, it should not, will not, can not, hurt another entity, for if you are unable to give that goal love, if it does not feel comfortable to you, at instinctual levels, and at intuitional levels, then you will know in your heart that that love is being pushed back, and perhaps you should change direction, or that energy will be reflected back to you with the negativity of which it has been sent.  You cannot send love, in actuality, on a wave of negativity. 

Therefore, when you have set a goal, and you realize that you can give it love, then you can be more than certain that that goal is the proper goal, a responsible goal to set. 

And now we will here open for questions. 

Question:  You spoke about the curvature in the road, the twist, and I didn’t quite understand what the point was that you were originally making when you spoke about that.  Can you summarize very briefly exactly what the point was? 

The Herald:  Indeed so.  In going back to the medieval definition for the word ‘resolution’ it is that of a correcting of an unnatural situation.  In looking at the word ‘actualized’ you are looking at a situation where you will have had to take action in order to form something, or to do something.  In setting for yourself the goal, you may find that you have road blocks or detours that are set up in front of you, before you can actually obtain that goal, do that thing.  However, when you realize your Divinity, when you realize that you have come into this world naturally, and that all conditions that are of an unnatural estate are created by you, then you can also relate this to understanding, that because of that Divinity, you can create situations, or recreate situations, and so that they will be resolved, so that they will be of a natural estate.  Think on this for a while. 

Peter:  So therefore, what you are saying is that the detours, the road-blocks are really of our own creation.

The Herald:  Indeed so. 

Peter:  And so, when you come across them, we are coming across things which we have made, and so the learning experience in handling them is the learning experience of correcting, in a sense the original mistakes which caused us to erect the block in the first place. 

The Herald:  That be indeed correct.  You have the principle down pat. 

Peter:  Fine, thank you. 

The Herald:  Other questions, please. (There were no other questions, final comments as follows.)  In closing this session, therefore, we do bid you go out and motivate yourself – motivate your spirit.  Go out, do those things that you want to do in life that feel good to you.  Take responsibility for your actions, and understand that you are the judge of those things that you do.  That you, and you alone, must be satisfied with results.  That satisfaction can be meager, or it can be bountiful.  The choice be yours. 

And with this we give you our love, and we do thank you for your kind attention. 

FRED:  And we thank you.