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The Herald guided me, gently and respectfully, to new ways of thinking and new ways of being. They provided me with insights into specific areas that I requested clarity on, followed by suggestions on how I could improve myself/my situation. It was great! Their wisdom was incredible; their guidance was gentle and reassuring.


We had a session with The Herald in early August. We were helped to find insights that shot us forward in our progress on several levels. ......


In my session, The Herald were able to shatter the self-limiting box I had build around me and give me a total new way of seeing my life situation. I could see options that I was not considering. This was very freeing and liberating and very surprising.

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Sheila is aCertified Hypnosist and Hypnosis Instructor

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Sheila is also now a Certified Trainer and Master Level Practitioner

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NLP is a growing science and art of the mind, where modeling excellence is the keynote.  As an adjunct to traditional Hypnosis, it adds an elegance and simplicity toward getting to root issues and creating better outcomes for many of the situations for which clients come to us.  Just one more way we can help YOU to become the

BEST YOU possible!








(for individuals and groups),




 Including Group Motivation and Hypnosis, 


Further details of Hypnosis and NLP services, including Personal Motivational Coaching, can be found here

THE HERALD is a Group Consciousness Source Who speak through me while I am in a deep trance state. They have been working with me in trance for over 30 years, and have been able to assist many individuals through individual and group sessions. The following are guidelines which you may find very helpful in getting the most value possible out of your session.

1) It is suggested that you prepare your questions a day or two in advance of your session. This will allow you the advantage of being able to clearly define what it is that you want to know in the course of your session. Your questions should be arranged in “priority” order before arrival at the session. Please bear in mind that you may wish to utilize your time with THE HERALD a bit differently than just a question and answer format – like talking things over with a trusted friend. Certain types of questions require a more in-depth communication, and this may mean that later questions on your list may not be possible to be asked at that session. (Vague questions generally produce vague answers – be specific). Your session will last as long as you wish, up to about one hour on CD, which is supplied with the session.


2) We generally advise that a maximum of eight questions will very likely be the most which can be accommodated in a one-hour session.   If you are not sure of which to use, you probably need the longer session. Each session is done on an individual basis only…we cannot accommodate more than one person, with the exception of a Translator, if necessary. You are also encouraged to ask additional questions (not already prepared, but possibly related to ones you will ask) which may occur to you during your session. THE HERALD also seem to have a knack at picking up your unspoken questions, and so you may find these being answered as well. You are also encouraged to stay within one subject area until you are satisfied you have enough information in that area before moving to another area. Otherwise, you may inadvertently waste precious minutes of your session while certain areas are reviewed in order to give a proper answer.

3) Please also be advised that THE HERALD will make every attempt to ensure that anything you would want kept confidential to only yourself remains that way, but if you attend along with others, you should also be aware that this may not be entirely possible in some instances.

4) If you are making inquiries concerning other individuals, these should be in close relation to you (i.e.; family, very close friends, and in some instances, work or business associates). THE HERALD will not provide information on mere acquaintances, as this would be considered an invasion of their privacy. The full name, relationship, approximate age and specific location of the individual at the time of your session will be required. (THE HERALD cannot locate without a specific address. Rural areas require that you lead Them from a specific point to the exact location – this should be discussed with me before your session, for clarity.) It is generally wise to limit this type of question to areas concerning health or personal relationships (past, present or future) with the individuals in question.


5) Questions which may be asked are limited only by your imagination and scope of interest (subject to the above guidelines). Topics where accuracy has been best noted are:

  • Health scans and advice pertinent to these;

  • Past lives and personal relationships;

  • Business and financial affairs;

  • Aptitudes and avocations;

  • Spiritual and personal growth counseling.

  • Technical areas appear to be limited, but if you feel inclined to ask for information in technical areas, please do so. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This is NOT a fortune-telling service, and questions such as "tell me my future" or similar will probably get some pretty "interesting" responses from THE HERALD.

If THE HERALD cannot answer a question, they will indicate so, and provide the reason for this. We are still exploring the potentials of this type of communication, and may well be surprised at the end results.

6) THE HERALD adhere to the idea that we all create our own realities. Therefore any information provided concerning future situations in life will be provided as either potential or possible. They potently indicate that you have the absolute control to change any or all of what They may indicate in either category. Any information received should be acted upon or not as your own conscience guides you.



The client, by reserving a session, agrees that this is but one of many sources of information that they may access in the course of their questions, and therefore agrees to release the Trance Channel from any and all liability and/or responsibility as to the subsequent use by the  client of the trance session material received.  In reference to this section, let it be noted that neither THE HERALD  nor Sheila M. Street claims to be an authority in any given area, with specific indications made for medical, legal and/or financial areas.  Therefore, the client agrees that any and all advice given in these particular areas of concern will be acted upon only in conjunction with advice received by professionals in said areas.   The client further agrees to release the Trance Channel (Sheila M. Street) of all responsibility concerning the accuracy and/or authority of the material presented in conjunction with questions made by the undersigned client during the course of this trance session.  No client shall be under 18 years of age at the time of their session.

All information revealed in the session will remain strictly confidential to the client.  Digital sound files will be retained for only up to ten days on our hard-drive, in order to provide either a CD of the session, or in order to deliver the audio file over the internet, and after it has been determined that the client has received the information by data-transfer or by receiving the CD, the file will be erased.  Persons attending "in-person" sessions will be supplied with a tape of the session at the time of the session, and no copies of the session will be retained by us.


7) Our regular 'In-Person"  session fee is currently CDN$195.00, which includes either a CD or digital file transfer over the internet of the session (up to 60 minutes, even if the session runs over the hour).  Secure pre-payment for your "In-Person Session"  can be made by clicking through PayPal® the button just below.


If you have any questions concerning these guidelines, please feel free to contact me by email or by phone [(519) 962-9676], leaving a message on voicemail, or I can generally be reached in person between 7 and 10 PM weeknights. I will usually be able to return your call within 24 hours of a message left.

We do not presently do sessions for larger groups other than in a teaching or lecture format.

THE HERALD and I trust that we may have the opportunity of providing a session for you in the near future. If you know of anyone else who might benefit from our services, please pass this information along to them, or have them contact us by phone or email for their own GUIDELINES copy.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sheila M. Street, CH CI, CT.NLP
Director, and Deep Trance Psychic Consultant
Integrated Dynamics Resources

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