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This is the Privacy Policy governing how your personal information is used on this web-site, as well as how Sheila M. Street and/or Integrated Dynamics Resources, the business name under which we operate, intends to treat your private information received in connection with products and/or services offered on this web-site.

We will update this Privacy Policy as needed to comply with any laws requiring us to do so, or in the event that something arises requiring that we further clarify our position to you. You are encouraged to review it periodically for such updates.

Cookies:  We use hit-counter services on certain pages of this web-site to periodically review the effectiveness of our advertising and/or search engine placements. Under no circumstances will this information be used to contact you personally, nor will it be shared with any other company or individual. In connection with the secure PayPal buttons that are found here, no permanent information of any type is collected by us from your computer, by cookies or any other means.  We do have some links to other web-sites periodically displayed here, for the purposes of sharing information with you.  Some of these are affiliate programs to which we belong, and clicking on those links will leave a cookie so that if you purchase from those sites, we will be credited according to their terms and conditions, and in fairness we request you do not delete those cookies, as we depend on these affiliate programs to support some of the work we do.

If you email to us for information, we will temporarily add your name to our email list, to further facilitate any needed communication with you, and provide you with the option of opting into our mailing list, unless you specifically request that we do not do this.

In any correspondence of a non-client nature (newsletters, special promotions, etc.), we will always provide a link for you to "opt-out" of any further communications, and we will make every effort to ensure that your name is deleted promptly, in that event.  All of our communications will provide a phone number, our legal name (Integrated Dynamics Resources), our mailing address and a link back to whichever web-site we are communicating about, including, and Should you receive an unwanted email from us, please reply with "remove" as the subject.  Vulgarity will be reported to your IP and law enforcement entities.

It is not our intention to "spam" you;  rather to keep you informed of things that may be of interest to you, such as when the site is updated, when a newsletter is available online, or when we are offering a "special" on products or services offered on this site. We will endeavour to send these communications only perhaps two or three times per month, maximum. You are encouraged to check the site periodically, as it is still under construction and very dynamic at this stage.

Your name, address (for shipping purposes), phone number and email information will never be disclosed to, or sold to, any other individual or company, other than as may be provided for by legal entities and the laws as they relate to Internet activities in Canada and the United States, in relation to any fraudulent actions concerning the use of credit cards or bank accounts used in connection with PayPal financial transactions.

Any information retained in our computers of a personal nature, such as audio files created for the purpose of burning a CD of information created during a phone-in session, or for putting the session temporarily online for you to retrieve at a "private" web page via FTP, are password protected, and will be deleted at the earlier date of you informing us that you have received a good working copy of the CD or downloaded session, and at the latest, 30 days after the CD has been mailed, via regular first class mail, to the intended recipient. No other copies of your session will be made on CD unless requested and paid for by you, during or after your session. Therefore, please ensure that we have your complete and correct mailing address when ordering your session.

This information has been provided to ensure you that we respect your privacy, and hope that you enjoy to the fullest any viewing of information on this site, or use of the services and/or products provided for us. Please write to us at if you require any further clarification of these policies and procedures. This update is provided as of February 22, 2009.

Terms and Conditions of Use

The entire written word contents of all websites (as listed above) owned by either Sheila M. Street, CI CH T.NLP and/or Integrated Dynamics Resources is Copyrighted under International Copyright Law, and has been since the date of original posting to the internet in April 2004 for the Channeling web-site, and October 2004 for the Hypnosis web-site. Certain proprietary images (the logo of The Herald used on all of the Channeling pages, for instance) are also covered by this Copyright.  Any copying, or engaging in plagiarism of main web-site elements is illegal and recourse of law will be vigorously pursued if it is found that anyone has copied same for purposes of promoting their own businesses or themselves by using plagiarized material from these web-sites.  I have not placed a Copyright notice on every item, but under the laws governing the use of copied material, it is still illegal to copy these and use them as your own words.  If you want to quote something I have written (except for excerpts posted in reviews by media, etc.), please contact me for permission to do so.  Copying to print or multi-media of Sheila M. Street, or The Herald's works is allowed provided that the Copyright credit is also included.  For more information on intellectual property rights regarding copyrights, plagiarism and the ethical use of web-page content, please see .

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