by Sheila

and The Herald


When Sheila first started channeling for The Herald, back in July 1981, before she had actually begun any book-dictation sessions, they sometimes would spontaneously provide a poem or two during the course of a "practice session".  As we had recorded these sessions, when they were transcribed, we also kept the poetry, because many of the poems reflected lessons that were being taught to Sheila and her director, as well as because of their beauty.  Some of the poems were also received through automatic typing.

Sheila has been writing poetry on her own since age eleven, as well, and some of these also reflect her propensity toward the "spiritual" side of things.

So we decided to set aside a portion of this web-site for these offerings, and we trust that you will be well-rewarded for any time that you pause for a break here to read them.  We suggest you book-mark the page, because over time, we're sure to be adding more presentations that will speak to your heart or that would be something you'd want to share with others.

All poetry found on this web-site is copyrighted by Sheila M. Street and, on behalf of The Herald, by Sheila M. Street and Integrated Dynamics Resources.  Please ask permission if you wish to use it for any reason.

Poems by The Herald

Poems by Sheila

Ripples The Who That Is Me
Spirit Dance Of Bliss and Fire