In 1992, while half dozing in front of the television late one night, I had the urge to play my Digital Ensemble (keyboards).  I was very relax, half asleep and really wondered why I had the inclination to do this at one in the morning.  As I sat on the bench, I felt myself slip ever so gently into trance, and placing my hands on the keyboards, I just let go as much as possible to see what might occur.  I have done automatic typing, so this was just a different way of receiving information, and allowing it to flow through me.

About an hour later, what seemed like only a few minutes had passed, and I had been given a very vivid dream of something that had happened in The Chinese Republic that had shocked the world, and I realized that somehow, working with the instruments and special effects this keyboard hosts (my way of describing it is a computer that plays sound instead of creating pictures or words), The Herald had completed a piece approximately 4 minutes long which depicted this scene.  It was composed in four sections (Right, Left, Accompaniment and Bass), each being recorded separately into the memory-bank of the instrument, and then put together into one piece.

The selection is entitled Tienamen Mosaic.  The artisan has a definitive understanding of Oriental style music, and while I am a fairly accomplished keyboardist, nothing I have composed to this point on my own resembles this piece of musical art.  And now my dream of being able to present this to the world has finally been realized.

The MP3 download is approximately 2,904 KB, and is copyrighted by me (Sheila M. Street).  You are welcome to share this with your friends provided you also share this page and the story behind it's composition.

Playable in both Media Player and Real Player, click to just play, or right click and "Save Target As".

Tienamen Mosaic Copyright 1992 and 2011,

Sheila M. Street and Integrated Dynamics Resources,

All Rights Reserved.