Helen from Tampa, Florida

"I want to thank you and The Herald again for the amazing insights and guidance I received today.  For the last few months I've been in a period of transition that coincided with my mother's death this summer.  I've made several changes that I felt were empowered by that major life event, but I wasn't sure if I was truly following my inner guidance or not.  The Herald gave me the clarity I've been waiting for.  Now I feel confident that I am indeed tuning in to my inner voice and that I'm on the right track in the areas of health and vocation.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

With much gratitude and appreciation,


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Tom from Fairfax, CA

"From my experience with many other deep trance channels, I think The Herald have a very clear and deep understanding of the issues that we ask for assistance with.  They have been able to get right to the essence of what I needed to understand about my patterning and gave me very clear suggestions of what I might do to change these.  They also helped me see where I was stuck and sabotaging myself whenever I tried to make changes that I really wanted.  I have had a lot of “healings” from subtle entities in the past but none have seemed to make any difference.  The Herald did not say that they can heal me, but what they did do was help me see or understand what I was doing to create my disease in the first place and help me consider ways of changing those patterns of belief and presumption by recognizing what I was doing and choosing something else.  I believe this is how TRUE “healing” takes place as well as the love and appreciation I feel from them when the session is over.  Each session with The Herald is new and unique based on what responsibility we took since the last session. (Edit: Tom has had 3 sessions to date) I enjoy my conversations with them because they have depth and wisdom and insight and will push me a little when I ask for it.  

Much love and appreciation,

Tom, Fairfax"

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Jane from Toronto, Canada, writes:

"This was my first time seeking wisdom and insight from a channel. I had high expectations and The Herald did not disappoint! I was looking for some insight into certain areas of my life and how I could move forward. The Herald guided me, gently and respectfully, to new ways of thinking and new ways of being. They provided me with insights into specific areas that I requested clarity on, followed by suggestions on how I could improve myself/my situation. It was great! Their wisdom was incredible; their guidance was gentle and reassuring. When my session was over, I felt a renewed sense of purpose, and a calmness and peacefulness filled me. I absolutely loved my session with The Herald, and I am grateful for the insight they shared. Looking back on that experience, I am amazed at how much I gained in a one-hour session. I highly recommend The Herald for anyone looking for insight into their life."

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Don from New Jersey, USA writes:

"I am not new to seeking advice from various channels. Over the years I have consulted them, usually when I was in a particularly difficult situation where I need clarity. Those sessions were almost always pivotal in my life. I hadn't had a reading for many years, because I felt I could rely on my own judgment and inner voice. But, life has a 
way of presenting new challenges just when you think you have reached level ground. I had been troubled and stuck about the direction of my life and wanted to talk to someone who could give me a new perspective.

In reading about The Herald, I felt they embodied the truth and wisdom I was looking for. They did not disappoint me. Prior to my session I had been feeling like I was locked in a small box with few options. This was a frustrating place, it drains energy and stifles creativity and growth. I went with an open heart, willing to tell the truth of my experience.

It amazes me that an hour of conversation can have such an impact on my life. Since that reading, I have launched a new direction for my career that was totally unexpected. I have a new sense of optimism and confidence in my life, and the world in general. I could see so clearly after my reading and my world opened up and I couldn't wait to dive in.

Once I made the commitment to change my life direction, things started happening that seems almost unbelievable, and they still are.

In my session, The Herald were able to shatter the self-limiting box I had build around me and give me a total new way of seeing my life situation. I could see options that I was not considering. This was very freeing and liberating and very surprising. The depth and quality of their knowledge and understanding seems unlimited. The only limit may be our own ability to be vulnerable and honest willingness to look inside ourselves for truth.

The Herald so beautifully shines light on the inner shadows that keep us from living fully. A beautiful yet powerful experience! Thank you!"

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Following a subsequent session a few months later, Don had this to say:

"I had a very good sleep with many dreams and woke to a feeling of a renewed sense of purpose. The conversation with The Herald has once again given me a new perspective and some new tools to work with. I enjoyed the session very much and I have a lot to think about!"


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