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Sheila is now a Certified Trainer for

the National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming

and is fully qualified as a Master NLP Practitioner.

NLP is a growing science and art of the mind, where modeling excellence is the keynote.  As an adjunct to traditional Hypnosis, it adds an elegance and simplicity toward getting to root issues and creating better outcomes for many of the situations for which clients come to us.  Just one more way we can help YOU to become the

BEST YOU possible!

Visit Sheila's website for further information on how you can benefit from Hypnosis and NLP change-work for:

  • Stress Release

  • Pre-operative Stress

  • Self-Confidence

  • Fears

  • Personal Goal setting

  • Focus for exams and studying

  • Increased Motivation

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Public Speaking

  • Eliminate Procrastination

  • Pain Relief (under the direction of a physician)

  • Dentist Fear

  • Habit Change

  • Sleep Better

  • Anger Management

  • Sports Enhancement

  • Improve Memory

  • Eliminate Nail-biting

  • Re-invent Your Life

  • Eliminate Guilt

  • Overcome Fears

  • Enhance Concentration

  • Sexual/Relationship Concerns



For over thirty years Sheila has been working with "The Herald" to provide meaningful, in-depth guidance to individuals and corporations in the areas of personal growth, health issues, financial and marketing issues and many other areas of interest. Complete details of services can be obtained by email to:
 or by phone at (519) 962-9676. 
Request your private In-Person or Telephone one hour digitally recorded trance session today.
(see Private Sessions for details). 
Day and evening appointments available.


Sheila M. Street, is a Deep Trance Psychic, Certified Hypnosis Instructor and Certified Hypnotist, Trainer of NLP and Master NLP Practitioner, and acts as the channel for a super-conscious group of non-physical entities calling Themselves “The Herald”.

Sheila started channeling The Herald in October 1980.  Training was developed across a two year span, where she gradually moved from channeling singular entities coming through, to when The Herald finally announced Their intentions to be known as a "Group Consciousness Source".  Over time the relationship has evolved so that Sheila is capable of doing trance with The Herald from the point of standing up behind a podium for lectures, or sitting up in a comfortable chair and being fully animated, and mostly, as a preference, lying back in a comfortable chair or couch and allowing The Herald to gently assist in setting her conscious mind completely aside, moving into an unconscious trance state similar to that achieved by Edgar Cayce.  She is also capable of sitting at the computer keyboard with eyes closed and allowing The Herald to gently dictate information that eventually becomes books.  She no longer uses a ‘director’ to assist in getting into the trance state, and normal progression to the deep unconscious trance takes approximately 2 to 3 minutes of quite preparation.  A more recent trance phenomena across the last several years has now made it possible for Sheila to occasionally tag along in her consciousness with The Herald to Their destinations, and has made "remote" viewing quite a normal part of most health-related sessions.  This ability will probably develop further as more sessions are held in the coming months.

Sheila has done extensive study of Tarot as a meditation tool through Builders of The Adytum, a Qabalistic Fraternity based in Los Angeles, California, as well as having taken workshops and courses in Numerology, Concept Therapy, self-hypnosis, energy healing and personal power/growth studies through Anthony Roberts courses (and several others in the field of personal development).  She has also read extensively in the paranormal psychology, occult wisdom, world religion traditions and personal growth areas.  Some of her earlier work with The Herald was published in “Choices” magazine in the mid-‘80’s.

Sheila has also appeared on local and national television in the late 1980’s-early ‘90’s, as well as participating in several lecture / psychic fair tours in that same timeframe.  Although her activities over the past several years in this area have been minimal due to other commitments, Sheila has now decided that it is time for action, with a continued and heightened response to the spiritual and psychological needs of the world, and is looking forward to combining her psychic talents with her Hypnosis and NLP training to provide some very interesting seminars and workshops in the coming months.

Sheila provides in-depth deep trance sessions held from, or at, her new home office in Windsor, Ontario on an individual basis.  These sessions will provide the seeker with gentle wisdom and guidance from The Herald in many different areas, including health, personal growth, spiritual awareness, financial and marketing issues, and many other areas.  We are still discovering the extent of the knowledge carried by The Herald.  The sessions last  approximately one hour or slightly longer, depending on the needs of the seeker and the stability of the trance state.  Mid-afternoon sessions appear to be when the trance carries best.  These are not “fortune-telling” sessions, although aspects of the future may be presented as part of the information supplied by The Herald, who strongly adhere to the idea that “we create our own reality on a moment-to-moment basis”.  These sessions work best when the seeker has prepared their questions before coming to the session, and Sheila can provide you with guidance on how to best prepare through her Trance Guidelines web-page.

Sheila is now available for trance sessions by phone, as well as in person.  With this new technology (5.8 ghz backbone) we have purchased the best possible equipment in a cordless speaker phone, to provide a clear transmission of voice, with a minimum of background noise, so that you may now get that sense of "being there" in the room with The Herald, while hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away.  This will provide an opportunity for anyone in the world who speaks English reasonably well to converse with The Herald.  It also provides the opportunity of having a private session for those who might otherwise not be able to attend in person, because of disability or illness.  All phone sessions will be by appointment only. (see Private Sessions for full details before calling to arrange an appointment time)

In September 2004 Sheila passed certification as a Certified Hypnotist (Hypnotherapist), and in October 2007 was certified as a Master NLP Practitioner with the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  In November 2008 she received her training to become a Certified Hypnosis Instructor and Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer for the NFNLP.  She has also studied their NLP Coaching course, and is currently taking on local and long-distance Personal Motivational Coaching clients.  Combined with her years of working with people through meditation classes, group workshops and channeling, this rigorous and intensive training has now put her talents and ability to serve people's spiritual and motivational needs at a new height.  Her separate web-site for Hypnosis and related modalities is located here.

Sheila is also an accomplished musician (eight years of classical piano training, as well as two years vocals), and has now composed sufficient material to present on CD, which will be available soon through her personal web-site, (under construction).

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